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    Whitetail, shooter? Or would you pass?

    I'm not sure, but years ago it would be down
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    New Mexico Lope

    If only I could reach out that far. Nice goat
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    How many guys single feed?

    Single load when at the range or sight in. Large game the clip is full.
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    "OLD" New guy here

    Welcome from Minnesota!
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    Which boots?

    I'm sold on the Redwing Elk Trackers. Great comfy boot. I hunt in Wyoming and they fit well and durable.
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    Suitable youth rifle for a Mule Deer hunt?

    The last two years my grandson took mule deer bucks with a 243 at 200 +-. Practice and good shot placement is the key. The worst thing you can do is start them to flinch with heavier recoil rifles
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    .243 bullet 300 and under on deer & Barnes TSX question

    100GR Federal sierra game in .243 will put them down.