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    Best 7MM bullet and/or factory loaded ammo for a Black Bear under 100 yards?

    We have an abundance of big bears and a trapping (foot snaring) season with no limit. We dispatch more bears than most hunters will ever see, and eventually you start wondering "what happens if I shoot it there; and with this?" It's even a good test of whether a frangible long range bullet is...
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    levels for scopes good or better

    I bought a handful of cheap ebay or amazon levels once for next to nothing. Most of the screw-holes stripped out just trying to mount them. The flatline ops is the best I've ever owned. I like the way that you can micro-adjust the level with an Allen wrench after they are installed.
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    7mm on the 300 winchester

    One thing I rather like about the 7-300 Win is that just changing a bushing and seater stem allowed me to use my large collection of 300 Win dies instead of paying for horribly over priced Lee dies. The 7-300 also plays nice with 3.600ish"magnum mag boxes instead of changing to over-length...
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    7mm on the 300 winchester

    You wanted to know what would happen if someone fired 7 Rem cartridges in a Practical and I told you. Thats all.
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    7mm on the 300 winchester

    The 7 practical isn't as practical as just necking down the 300 win without any other changes; and Nathan is quick to admit that if he had known that the 7-300 was already an on the shelf item he wouldn't have bothered. A squarer shoulder isn't going to change the world much. My 7-300 Win...
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    7mm on the 300 winchester

    I'm not telling you to do it; but a 7 Rem will fit in a 7-300 Win or STW and head-space on the belt. The brass will be a write-off, because the shoulder will move so far forward that the neck is mostly gone on the 7-300 Win and completely gone on an STW but it's safe enough. I did some playing...
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    Misfires with a specific ammo

    A spring is a few degrees away from being a wire. Duds happen.
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    459 Yard Buck - and the founding of

    For me it was a process. I was always a hunter, and incurable gun nut. Started hunting deer at a tender age with a 30-30 (Because that's what I had) but was almost immediately disgusted with that. Being a JOC reader when I should probably have been playing with blocks, I just knew that a 270...
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    338 edge max speed and pressure?

    My load is the 300 gr SMK lightly jammed, 90 grains of H1000, Rem brass, and 215M. Rifle is a Defensive Edge Canyon rifle (#82), BAT action, 30 inch Hart barrel. I'm getting very close to 2500 rounds through it and it is still good for 1/2 Minute at 1/2 mile. Rifling has stubborningly refused to...
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    280 AI : Any Down Side To Fire Forming With All Copper Bullets?

    In a case that size, about nine grains of Unique, case filled to the neck with COW and plug the neck by jamming it into a bar of soap. other pistol powders work; you just have to play with it a bit.
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    280 AI : Any Down Side To Fire Forming With All Copper Bullets?

    Why not use the COW method and no bullets?
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    Misfires with a specific ammo

    It'll take a few seconds to field strip a M70 bolt. Spray off the striker assembly and inside the bolt body with just about anything and scrub inside the body with a bore brush. dry and lightly oil. Your don't have to go crazy; it's a bolt not the space shuttle. Packing grease and crap could be...
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    Comment by 'Azrael' in article 'Zeiss Conquest V4 Riflescope Field Test And Review: 4-16x44 Zbr Moa & 6-24x50 Illuminated Zmoa'

    I got a 4-16 V4 the other day; they sent it as a warranty replacement for a Conquest 3-9 I'd sent in for repair. After briefly feeling like I'd won the lottery I checked it out. It is hard to get behind, alternating between blacking out and showing a great view of the erector tube, something...
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    Dead soft brass!

    I use the molten salt method. Its close to fool-proof, you’ll never wreck brass, cheap and fast.
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    7 mm on 300 winchester v 28 nosler

    A general rule of thumb is to expect 1/4 of the increased case capacity percentage as a velocity increase. Ex: 12% increase in case capacity=3% increase in velocity potential.