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  • Uhh ya.
    So since I know you so well, I know you have about as little $ as I have for toys (especially with your plans this summer) better put the autoloader thing back on the shelf till you win the lotto.
    Till then you need to talk to ALL your buddy's about a "wedding present" that may be affordable to build......... Talk to Hammer, Spanky, Me, John Boy, etc. Maybe, just maybe, you could end up with a new toy somehow. Or at least something you could turn into a LR toy.....
    hey long range addict.....I could use your help on putting together the best long range auto-loader. just read an article of a guy taking a dear with 300 win mag in an mk4 setup. you know me...im different in everything....a.k.a......everyone drinks beer I drink root beer, everyone rides banshee...I ride a 26 year old 3WHEELER, and shoot and auto loader. So since ya got all this dang free time.... lets put our heads together team up and make something bithchin that fits my style. anyway...navyseal
    Wow this place is exciting....
    You need to fill out something here to make it feel more like "home" hehehe.
    Go enter in the give away contest for the Huskemaw. You like those scopes anyway.
    Oh ya, there's a thread started in the Long range shooting section concerning BAR's, but it didn't have any comments yet.
    Later bud.
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