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    Advice on converting a .Cooper in 243 WSSM?

    Only 50 rounds through it. Just not crazy about the caliber.
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    Advice on converting a .Cooper in 243 WSSM?

    Years ago bought a used Cooper Model 16 single shot in .243 WSSM when the cartridge was somewhat popular. Got quotes from Cooper a couple of times over the years about converting to another caliber, but never got around to it. I recently got serious about it and called Cooper, but they now told...
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    Bergara 6.5 PRC

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    SOLD/EXPIRED 20 inch 308 win bull barrel rifle

    I have a NIB Winchester XPR Compact that I won at a banquet. .308/20" barrel/black synthetic stock. They mounted a 3x9 Weaver scope on it to make it a more attractive raffle item. Let me know if that has any interest for you. $400 plus shipping to FFL.
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    What 25 calibers are yall shooting?

    One of my first rifles almost 50 years ago was a 25-06. It was my go to deer rifle for western hunts. Incredible accurate with almost any factory ammo. Shot many deer up to 350 yds. Then I gravitated to bigger and faster-7 Ultra mag, 300 Win Mag. Eventually I did not like the added recoil and my...
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    How not, to use a 6.5 creedmoor

    Regardless of the other issues already said, if the animal is on his feet, keep throwing lead. " I think he's going down" doesn't always work.
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    1st elk hunt need rifle advice

    I started out shooting a lot of deer with a 25-06. Felt i needed big and fast and acquired and migrated to 7mm ultra mag and 375 ultra mag (africa). Since then I am now back to 6.5x284 and it is my go to rifle. Very soft recoil. While almost anything from a .243 and up will kill elk, I would...
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    Heym Double Rifle .450/400, .450 NE, .470NE or .500NE

    I have a Heym 88B PH 450/400, 26" Barrels, Upgraded "Safari" wood, ivory front bead standard dimensions. As new-unfired (other than factory regulation). I bought this several years ago for a safari and ended up using another rifle. PM me if you are interested in making an offer. Asking $12,500.
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    Re: FS 6.5-284 Norma LR Hunting Rifle Please send pics. [email protected]