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    ISO Browning A Bolt long range hunter

    Thanks but I’m specifically looking for the long range hunter
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    ISO Browning A Bolt long range hunter

    Surely someone has one sitting in the safe not being used.
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    ISO Browning A Bolt long range hunter

    Looking to buy a Browning A-bolt2 long range hunter rifle. This gun has a heavy fluted barrel and grey laminate wood stock.
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    Big deer hunt - help me pick the cartridge

    I hunt whitetails with a 6.5 creedmoor and 143gr eldx and also a 300 win mag with 200gr eldx ammo. No doubt the Creedmoor works fine but there is no denying the 300 puts them down faster in most cases. Put it though their shoulders with a 300 win mag and the majority of the time there is no...
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    Barnes TSX bullets

    My experience with the ttsx bullet was not what I had hoped for. I loaded some in .308 and they shot well but I shot 3-4 whitetail doe with them and did not have acceptable performance. I did find all of them and they were all shot through the lungs. Blood trails were almost nonexistent and exit...
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    Best factory ammo for 300 win mag.

    So far I have purchased hornady 178gr eldx precision hunter, Berger 185 classic hunter, and nosler 180gr ballistic tip. I may also order some from hsm but I cannot buy them locally so I’ll see how the others do first.
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    Best factory ammo for 300 win mag.

    Thanks. I found them after I figured out it is labeled as Berger now.
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    Best factory ammo for 300 win mag.

    I can’t find much current info on the abm ammo. Where can it be purchased?
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    Best factory ammo for 300 win mag.

    Looking for a good shooting factory load for a Remington sendero 300 win mag. 75% of the time it will be used for whitetail hunting inside 400 yards. So far I have shot hornady 200gn eldx precision hunter, these group around 1.25-1.5” at 100 yards. I also tried some 180 sst superformance ammo I...
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    Colorado Mountain Elk Muzzleloader

    Whatever gun you decide on I would look at Fury custom bullets 50 cal star tip2. They are Colorado legal, shoot great, and work well on game.
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    Now this is exciting for Colorado guys

    The fury star tip2 50 cal mz bullets worked well for me. I used the 325gn version and blackhorn 209 powder. I am a novice with open sights but they shot accurately out to 200 yards which is as far as I tried to shoot. I ended up killing a bull elk last fall at 150 yards. Shot was in the
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    ISO Browning Abolt 2 long range hunter

    Thank you but don’t think a 300 RUM fits my needs