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    300 prc

    what is your faverate loads for hunting north america big game with this case
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    25 06 ackly

    any one shoot this round?what are your thoughts on it as compared to a standard 25 06
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    240 weatherby

    thank you for your replys
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    240 weatherby

    any one use this on white tails or mule deer?what are your loads and your thoughts on this friend wants on for hunting with shots out to say 400 yards.
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    300 weatherby loads for elk

    what are your faverate long range hunting loads for elk
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    loads for 6.5 Remington magnum

    got a 660 in 6.5 mag.what do you fell is a good 100 or 120 grain bullet for deer.the max range will be about 200 yards for this gun in the area i want to hunt in.
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    6.5 magnum

    got a 660 remington last year.what are your faverate deer loads for it
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    30 hart how do you like it and what are your favorate loads so far

    30 hart how do you like it and what are your favorate loads so far
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    7mm Rem Mag Ammo for Elk??

    any one shoot that 168 berger bullet that the gunwerks crew use
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    7mm Rem. Mag. and 180 grn. Bergers???

    with the 168 i have seen on best of the west and long range pursuit on elk out to 1000 yard shots and 1 shot kills.what are your thoughts on this.
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    7mm Rem. Mag. and 180 grn. Bergers???

    any one shoot either in a 7 mm weatherby factory rifle.just asking...
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    180 graain berger bullet

    what is your faverate load in the 7 mm remington magnum with this bullet.also can you give the velocity of it if possable.
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    Colorado elk hunt

    any one hunt moutain zierkle wildernes area i 2nd season.had friends hunt there before but the one has passed away.
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    was watching eastmans hunting jurnal tonight.they were in a desert area hunting elk.the name of the desert i think came up and it was refered to as the red desert.any one know about this area.not sure even what state it is in.that was not menchened either... thanks for your imput on this.
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    6.5 rimington magnum with 120 grain and 100 grain bullets

    what are you loading in your rifles using these bullets