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    Where are you located?

    Where are you located?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom .280 AI

    My guess is the lowest that I would go would be $1,700 with the dies which were $400 plus.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom .280 AI

    One guy was goign to try and save up for it. So to answer your question yes it is still for sale. Will include the Dies which are like brand new and brass and what ever else I have for a .280Ai. Thanks for the interest.
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    Ready to talk.

    Ready to talk.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom .280 AI

    Hart #4 contour with a 1-9 twist. Classic McMillan Stock, Repeater with Stainless bottom metal floor palte and a custom trigger guard. I will try to pst pictures soon.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom .280 AI

    I will try to get to the pictures asap. I just bought a house and everything is packed I will try to post groups as well. It is consistent 1/4" for 5 shots. Some of the 200 yd groups were shot by Bill Shilen. As far as the dies are concerned they are Redding Competetion dies with the...
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    Free Nightforce NXS 3.5-15x56 Scope - Drawing

    ---------------------------- What state(s) do you hunt big game in most often? California, Arizona What is your primary long range hunting cartridge? -------------------------------------- .280 AI Regarding your primary long range hunting cartridge choice above: Do you use...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom .280 AI

    I have a Shilen DGA Action with a Hart #4 Barrel that has about 150 rounds through it. It has a Remington trigger that has been adjusted and tuned. It is in a bedded Classic McMillian Stock that is painted solid green. The Shilen DGA Action was brand new and one of the last ones made. It is a...
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    Which Leupold to buy?

    I too am having a 280AI built. It should be done in two weeks as well. Maybe the same gunsmith is selling us the same gun. Just kidding. I am going to go with the 4.5x14x50 Long Range model. It seems to be an overkill, but that is what my gunsmith thinks is best. He said if you can't get the...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Leupold Scopes - Best Prices

    Okay. I want a Leuplod VX-3 2004 model in 4.5x14x50mm Long Range. The best price that I can get so far is $495.00. Can you beat this price?
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    40mm or 50mm Objective

    Last decision before I order the new Leupold today. It's going on a .280AI for deer/antelope out to 400yds. The difference in weight is next to nothing. The only thing that I can think of is the higher position of my head on the stock due to high rings vs. med rings. Which would you go with? TIA!
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    Leupolds Wide Reticle vs. Dplx

    Going to order a new scope today. The two reticle choices are the New Wide Reticle-RE with the broken braket at bottom or the standard Duplex. I like the idea of the wide agle but am not sure of the broken post for Range Est. Just another thing that you may not have time for in the field. Which...
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    Length Of Pull

    Does anyone know if there is a standard? I am having a new gun built and the smith said, tell me what LOP you want so that I can get started on the stock. I went home measured the ones I have they range from 13 1/2 to 14". It seems that if I place the pad on the trigger and then fold my arm, I...
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    .260 accuracy

    308WIN: Another Marksman? I already did that without sucess. I also shoot BR Competetion and am an Ex- Army Ranger that has never qualified less than " Expert ". You have shown your intelligence by your thread! [ 04-27-2004: Message edited by: Airborne ]
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    .260 accuracy

    Johnny: I'm not sure I would do that. You were leading to a very interesting question. Should the barrel have a pressure point or not. I started with a Model 700 Mnt S/S. It is now in a HS Precision Stock which has been skim bedded and free floated. The action has been trued and I put a Douglas...