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    6.5x300 weatherby improved

    dud, I happen to have 2 of them. Both are blown out to a 40degree shoulder with .294 necks. The only data that I know for a fact is available is all either h870, h570 or x283 data. However none of those powders exsits anymore. You could replace h870 with wc872. In mine the data is the same...
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    Help a beginner

    Olson if i were u i would go with the 6.5x284. imho there isnt much need to go much bigger unless your looking for more speed and shorter bbl life. I currently own 2 6.5x300 weahtherby's while i will never be without one they do go through bbls. generally i get about 1200 rounds through one...
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    I give up!! Where do I upload a picture to?

    Jody, You going to the groundhog shoot on sat?
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    I give up!! Where do I upload a picture to?

    Randy, You need to have use a place like or Once they are up there just come here use the IMAGE button when you post a topic and it will ask you for the full url to your pic just copy the complete URL from hunt101 or imagestation and your good to go.. Brock
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    22-3000 help!

    Thanks guys.. After doing some diggin I found this on steves site as well That matches the one I have to a T.. I should still be able to form them with 25/20 SS brass or at least get the brass from Buffalo Arms to work.. Max do you happen to know where I may be able to find some dies?? Brock
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    22-3000 help!

    Dave, Yup thats the right one.. My headstamps say 22-3000 G&H on them.. I'm glad to see you can still get brass for this as I would love to shoot this gun without the fear of having no ammo after my 20 pc's were gone... Thanks, Brock
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    22-3000 help!

    Hey all, I just aquired a Pre64 Mod.70 in 22-3000 toped with a peacar(sp?)scope.. It was a 22Hornet and the rechambering was done by the late Al Hoyer.. This rifle used to be my great grandads and was giving to my grandad.. My grandad shot it 1 time in the last 20 years and hasnt shot it...
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    Here's mine, where is yours?

    Re: Here\'s mine, where is yours? Jody, Very nice rig you got there.. What bbl length is that??? Is that your light gun?? Brock
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    Is it the truth, B.S., B.R., or Ego?? Questions..

    ok here is my take on this whole group mess... Depending on what you are planning to do with your gun is what your after.. In other words if I want to have a chance to win @ williamsport 1000br my gun better be shooting right around 4" 10 shot groups and better.. Why? because if its not your not...
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    Hunting Stories

    Chuck on the run.. It was mid afternoon in upstate pa. My father and I was up doing some long range groundhog hunting. The whole day was rather slow not many chucks to be seen.. Out about 1200yds was a hole that we been watching all day and to the left about 100yds was another. Suddenly the...
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    Wind shooting

    JBM, Many thanks for making your programs open source... I have your ballistic calculations installed on my site.. your work is very appreciated.. Brock
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    The best long-range 6mm coyote zapper

    I have a 6/06 with a 30" bbl and a 8 twist that pushes the 105gr A-max to 3400fps.. This gun is deadly on chucks to about 1300 or so.. I also agree on the .243 that is prolly my favorite 6mm.. 6.5 Bandit
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    Cornmeal forming bad on a new barrel??

    I have heard others doin this as well but never did it myself. I dont see how it would be hard on the bbl though.. I usually fireform with regular loads.. 6.5 Bandit
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    New Board

    ok I got it.. Check you mail!! 6.5 Bandit