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    Ramshot Powders?

    I've used them for years for general hunting purposes in standard weight calibers based off 308 or 06 cases. They have performed as good and in most cases for my uses, a little better than other brands.
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    Honestly with the AI version almost any of the slower powders listed for the standard 25-06 should give you decent loads. Like most, I've run the RL powders in my standard and then in my AI, but for my purposes I found that Ramshot Magnum was the ticket. With my longer 28" barrel and 1-8 twist...
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    Old Bullets OK

    Old Bullets OK, Sheesh I sure hope so, most of what I shoot is a minimum of a decade old, and some back to 50+yrs. Ditto on the Solid Bases, only 120s in .257, or any others that someone might want to unload. I loved that bullet and still have and hunt with some in calibers ranging from...
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    broadhead reviews

    I can appreciate the story and it sounds on par with what I would expect from them. I have three different bows, which unfortunately the only thing in common between them is how well they shoot the Razor Tricks. I have at least a dozen of them mounted up and ready to go on three different...
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    The 270 and Reloading

    While I have something in calibers ranging from .223 through .312, I certainly understand the draw to the .277's. While he wasn't able to gain a lot of time with it, I think that the times he did drop the hammer on it I think my pop knew that the one he got as a retirement gift was something...
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    broadhead reviews

    For me it comes down to penetration and accuracy. Not so much different than when using a rifle. In the areas I hunt I might be shooting at a 80# doe or a 350# feral hog in the same afternoon. I don't want to take any chances on something not working like it is supposed to. When I got back...
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    Another Build in a .260...Questions

    Thanks for the current info. I went with this caliber since I already had above it, and below it, pretty well covered. I also realize it isn't the hottest or most popular thing going, but hey, neither is a 41mag or 10mm, or even my .270 AM, but I love them too. I had always liked the...
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    Another Build in a .260...Questions

    Ok right off the bat I understand this has been diminished to almost non existent status. Even so I have a ton of stuff sitting on the shelf in .264 that I would prefer to shoot rather than go through the hassle to sell. I have a Rem 7 as a donor rifle and I have Broughton 1-8 5c barrel which...
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    Flattest shooting to 500 yds.

    Personally having a 25-06 & the AI version, a .270 Win & A.M., .280, 7 Rem & STW, I would go with nothing lighter than a 150 gr in what you already have and look for accuracy. Even better would be the 165'ish weights, and either of those in something with controlled expansion. I am in such a...
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    New Rem 7mm STW Brass

    Item# 10. Another bag of 7 STW $80
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    New Rem 7mm STW Brass

    I ran across this and know there are always folks looking so thought I would pass it along. 100 New Rem 7mm STW Brass $80 Don't know if that is a real good price or not, but the way things are nowadays, it might be. There also might be more of it, I don't know, but worth asking if you need it.
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    Cast bullets in a 10mm auto

    So far my 10mm is the only handgun other than my Contenders that I do not cast for. That said, it isn't because I feel it would be problematic it's just due to the fact I have a huge supply of jacketed for it and haven't purchased a mold as of yet. My standard load uses the 180gr Gold...
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    7mm Rem. Mag. load help

    Hey Bart, Just reading through I saw your post on the 1-n-1000 folks and groups, I must say for a LONG time I thought I was special.:rolleyes: The folks always told me I was 1-n-a million, now I see I am only 1-n-1000. :D I have a more or less stock Sendero in 7RM that has turned in some...
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    TTXS or VLD's for pigs

    I've only killed a few (hundred or so) hogs and I haven't found a real need to shoot anything fancy. At the ranges we mostly hunt or even shoot them from inches sometimes to out past 4-600yds standard bullets are what we use the most. The longer shots are rare for us, but even then a well...
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    25-06 Accubond info

    Well this is what works for my rifle. I found out when I got it close to 20 or so years back, it liked the 100gr BT set at 3.250" base to tip. One weekend I was playing around with some other bullets which I had been having a time getting to group and I failed to adjust the seating die, and...

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