Redding Model 2400 Case Trimming Lathe Review By Marty Dabney

In today's world of reloading and shooting, there are so many different products on the market that it's hard to choose what product will best suit your needs. I wanted a case trimmer that I could set easily and accurately without a bunch of trial and error, but that would be reliable and accurate enough to meet my accuracy needs. I also wanted a trimmer that could trim different cases and that could return to any case length quickly and easily. The Redding 2400 Case Trimming Lathe does just that.


I am always trimming cases of different lengths and the Redding lets me adjust the length for the case I want with just the turn of a precise micrometer. The micro adjust feature is quick and repeatable with very precise tolerances. It allows me to adjust case trim lengths from a 22 hornet all the way up to the ultra mags. Once I have my desired length set, the micrometer has a locking nut that holds everything in place. The adjustable case collet lets me grasp the case head while holding it perfectly square. Once I have set the collet stop in place I haven't had to touch it. I just adjust with the micrometer. The cutting head is a titanium nitride coated cutter that is very sharp with very little cutting chatter, which leads to a clean, square cut every time. I have trimmed thousands of cases with the same cutter blade, including nickel plated cases, and it still trims like it was new.

The trimmer comes with six caliber pilots ranging from 22 caliber to 30 caliber, with other calibers available from Redding that swap out with the quick turn of an Allen wrench. It also features pre drilled holes for storing the pilots and has a place to screw the very handy primer pocket cleaners for small and large primer pockets as well as a case neck brush. The only problem I have had with mine is the locking chuck used to tighten the collet to the case head. It has worn a little and makes it a little difficult to tighten the collet, but with a little caution, it's not a huge problem.

With today's firearms becoming more accurate and the expense that it takes to get them there I believe this is a worthwhile investment for creating that perfect round you will send down range. So all in all I think the trimmer is well worth the expense if you want consistent, repeatable performance. Redding has always been on the forefront of precision reloading equipment with their line of precision dies, presses and numerous other tools, and the Redding Model 2400 Case Trimming Lathe is no exception.

Marty Dabney is a full time cattle farmer and a part time farrier/blacksmith from central Virginia. He is the father of two children and believes that getting the youth of the world interested in hunting, shooting and the outdoors in general will help them gain a respect for the land, the animals and the rights that so many have fought to preserve.

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