PSE TAC 15 Crossbow Review

By Len Backus
Updated 2013-2-4

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I became a PSE TAC 15/15i crossbow dealer because my own PSE TAC 15/15i crossbow shot 6 arrows into 1.875 inches at 100 yards, on my third day of shooting it.


6 shots into 1.875 inches at 100 yards.

In preparing for this TAC 15/15i/10/10i review article, I shot the group above from a rest with just one arrow that I had sorted for. (6 trips to the target) So the 2 holes on the left were the first, then I adjusted windage on the scope to move my group to the right and continued shooting the group.
This crossbow so impressed me that it took only a few days to decide to offer it in the LRH Store. We are now shipping the new replacement models -- the 2013 TAC Elite and TAC Ordnance

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I began field research for my PSE TAC 15/15i/10/10i crossbow review article at the county archery range. On that first day what must the other archers have thought as they saw me repeatedly walking back from my target, eyes downward, shaking my head. They may have thought "Well if he is disappointed with his groups maybe he should just practice more". But they had no idea from their vantage point that I was consistently shooting tiny groups with my PSE TAC 15i crossbow that made me shake my head. In the first couple of days I eventually shot at yardages that 99% of compound bow hunters never even try. Forty yards and then 50 and then 60 and then 70 and then 80 and then 90 and then 100 yards and finally out to 120. It took me a couple of days of shooting tiny groups with my TAC 15i crossbow to confirm that they were not just a fluke.


First 2 shots ever at 40 yards

EDIT IN 2016:



One morning I went to the range to chronograph my PSE TAC 15i crossbow. I got there as the sun was still slightly below the horizon dominated by a large hill and the lighting was a little dim for my CED M2 chronograph. It took a few shots at 10 feet to get a shot to register. When it did, it said: "406 FPS". Pretty impressive and just what PSE said to expect.

Then I moved back to 100 yards with no wind on the still morning. At this yardage I was understandably apprehensive, not wanting to wreck components of my chrono. So I selected one arrow, by chance one that I had days earlier labeled #16. I took 2 successive shots with it and the PSE TAC 15i crossbow to confirm POI at this range. After the second shot and before I removed the arrow, I was just barely able to fit my flattened thumb between the remaining arrow and the hole it had punched into the target on its first shot. That made the 2-shot test group about 1.25 inches, center-to-center. "I guess I am now confident in my PSE TAC 15i crossbow's ability to shoot through the chrono at 100 yards!", I thought.
There is a lot of good technical info at the TAC 15/15i sub-forum.,

406 FPS.