Kinetic Research Group W3 Chassis Review

By Nicholas Gebhardt

Kinetic Research Group (KRG) has been producing the W3 Chassis for several years, and it is a superb choice for anybody looking for an extremely high quality stock. I had a need for a stock that could easily change length of pull (LOP) as well as cheek piece height without tools, and one that didn't require bedding compound for an exact fit of the rifle action, as well as having a very high build quality. I researched several of the chassis systems I knew of and eventually reached out to KRG. I knew that the founders of KRG had extensive military experience, were seasoned riflemen, and also had a passion for the long rifle. Further research into their reputation and I was sold on obtaining one of their chassis systems, the W3 folding model, to be used in a business aspect where my rifle would be fired by the general public. I wanted the best chassis system on the market and I know that I made the right choice in the KRG W3 chassis system. This article will detail how the W3 chassis came into being and the traits that make this product exemplary.


(The author's custom rifle in a KRG W3 stock and mounted on a tripod)

The founders of Kinetic Research Group were big fans of the Sako and Tikka rifles, and had aspirations of modifying certain parts to fit their needs. One of the first pieces created was a kit that allowed the Sako TRG-22 to accept the popular AICS magazines, which are cheaper in cost to those required for the TRG. This product was essentially a "backbone" for the TRG and used a different mag catch for the AICS mags. The next piece created was a folding mechanism for the TRG as the Sako brand mechanism was extremely expensive. These two pieces only then required a fore-end and trigger guard to complete an entire chassis, and thus the W3 chassis was born. This also explains why the W3 chassis is exceptionally similar to a Sako TRG, since the original pieces were created as retrofits to that design. The founders' admiration of Tikka rifles is also why this is one of the few chassis systems being produced for the Tikka rifles. Currently, KRG is continuing to listen to competitive marksmen, hunters and other demanding shooters to develop accessories to enhance their products as well as develop completely new products.

The W3 chassis is machined out of 6061 type aluminum, which is aircraft grade and quite durable. KRG utilizes a combination of extrusions for rough shape and CNC machining to final dimensions for the fore-end and backbone of the chassis. This allows them to keep costs low while also ensuring a high quality finish and exact dimensions. The remainder of the pieces are CNC machined from solid block. The aluminum is then hard anodized giving it a very fine matte black finish that looks very nice and has a slight sheen in bright sunshine. Multiple fasteners are utilized throughout the chassis, and nearly all are stainless with a black oxide coating. Other parts are stainless that are either left bare or receive black oxide coating, while standard steel parts receive a salt bath nitride. KRG has gone to great lengths to make the W3 chassis as durable and low maintenance as possible, and they have certainly succeeded with this premium chassis!

The chassis system arrived at my house in a very well packaged box. All of the components were sealed in heavy plastic which kept the different parts and pieces in show room condition while in transit. Unfortunately I was in such an excited rush to get the stock put together and my rifle in place that I neglected to take the requisite pictures of the packaging. Suffice it to say that KRG is professional in their packaging, as would be expected. The instructions included with the stock were straightforward and easy to understand; no complications with stock and rifle assembly were encountered. I couldn't find any machining marks or finish blemishes of any kind anywhere on the aluminum chassis.
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