Is Your Cleaning Patch Angel White?

In my initial conversations with Terry I asked if the bore should be lightly oiled after cleaning and he answered with an emphatic, “No.” Then he explained, “The reason is simple. The next shot will cause the oil, which is a hydrocarbon, to leave fouling in the bore. If an oily patch is run through the bore after cleaning, the next shot will truly be a ‘fouling round’. Once a barrel is cleaned with Patch-Out and followed up by a clean patch, the first shot out of the barrel should be the most accurate. And as far as protecting the barrel, Patch-Out contains three anti-rust compounds, so there is no worry about rust. Next time you are at the range, try this test. With a clean rifle fire the first three shots at a target. They should be in a group with no flyer.”

After my conversation with Terry I decided to try the three-shot test. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. If the barrel is clean, there would be no reason for a flyer. But just to satisfy my curiosity, a rifle that had been cleaned with Wipe-Out and finished with a clean, dry patch was taken to the range. Three shots were fired and the target retrieved. It was no surprise that the three holes were in a nice group with no flyer.

As I mused over my experience with Wipe-Out I felt quite content. Not only have I learned how to clean a rifle, but now I don’t have to finish the job by running an oily patch through the bore then firing a fouling shot at the range. After many, many years I am finally able to get the bores on my firearms truly clean, and what a satisfying feeling that is.


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Glenn Burroughs is a retired computer systems manager with a lifelong love of guns. His main areas of interest are accurate rifles, wildcat cartridges, reloading and bench shooting. He also enjoys an occasional trip out west to the prairie dog country. Glenn was a columnist for Precision Shooting magazine and also wrote articles for Varmint Hunter magazine. He resides in Lynchburg, Virginia.
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