How To Camouflage Paint Your Rifle

By Greg Ballard

In this article we are going to show you how to camouflage paint your rifle for your predator hunting. This will enable you to blend in better with your surroundings, reduce shine and glare from your weapon, protect it from the elements, and it just looks darn nice to boot. In this project I am going to be camouflage painting a BushMaster AR15 Shorty that is topped with a red dot scope. This is an ideal woods gun for predator hunting as well as a versatile all around gun. The first pic is the gun before we begin working on its camouflage painting. You want to clean the gun of all oils on the surface and this is easily done by wiping it down with a rag and acetone.


Leave Camouflage Paint Off Some Areas

There will be parts of the gun that we do not wish to get any camouflage paint on. These would be areas like the lens of the scope, the numbers on the dial for your powers or settings, the grip on this gun, the bolt, etc. To avoid getting camouflage paint on these areas you can simply use masking tape and tape off those areas as shown in the picture below.


Once we have taped off the areas that we don't wish to paint then, we are ready to spray the gun down with the base coat of camouflage paint. I like to hang the gun from a wire and for this I use a coat hanger. I do this so that I can walk around the gun and spray it from all angles without having to touch the gun at all. I also do this outdoors with plenty of ventilation and little wind. You will also want to paint when the temperatures are above 50 degrees so that the camouflage paint goes onto the gun well. You want to start out with your base coat being a lighter color. In this case I am spraying the gun with the base coat of Khaki and I am using the camouflage spray paint made by Krylon and available at about any Wal Mart. You can see the gun hanging for paint in the following picture.