Copper Basin Modular Game Pack

By C. Joel Wise

I’m just going to go ahead and spoil this for you straight away. This pack does exactly what it claims to do. What does it claim to do, you ask? Copper Basin claims that their Modular Game Pack evenly distributes weight by utilizing two large meat pockets on the anterior and posterior of the pack. They also claim a lower center of gravity which aids in keeping one’s balance while traversing rough, uneven terrain. Additionally, this pack offers several equipment pockets ideally sized for your cell phone or GPS device. Another claim the company makes is, “Go in light, come out heavy.” An excellent thought isn’t it? I mean, why carry more than you need to?



I’m prepared to say that by purchasing this pack system you will get exactly what was advertised, and honestly that is becoming rare these days. However, what I am not prepared to do is agree that the Modular Game Pack can replace your tried and true tubular frame pack. In their defense, Copper Basin doesn’t suggest that it should.