APO Saber Sporter Rifle Stock Review

By Ward W. Brien

This morning is one of those mornings… It's mid May 2012 and looking outside, the Continental Divide above Rocky Mountain National Park is covered with new snow. Frost lies on the ground of the field in front of my home and is also attached to the glass of my windows. It is another typical mid May morning, although different.

Such is the case with a new stock that I recently built "another" .338 Norma on. It has similar attributes to other stocks, yet it is very different. The stock is manufactured by a company by the name of Ashbury Precision Ordnance, and is called the Saber Sporter.

The Saber Sporter rifle stock is a Modular Rifle Stock Chassis System originally designed for military use. However because of the modularity of this system, the Sporter model is nicely configured as a hunting/sporting stock and is super comfortable. What other stock builders have struggled to achieve is now realized in APO's world-class design.


This patented modular rifle chassis can be mixed and matched with a variety of custom features such as user interchangeable shoulder stock options, interchangeable for-ends, location adjustable MAGPUL™ handgrips, and more. What a concept…

This is where the rough and tumble rock and roll music would begin to play IF music could be added to this article. But for now, envision a cavalry of monster off road pickup trucks flying across the desert at 100 mph. Standing in the beds are men of valor, holding onto the roll cage with one hand, and their rifles with APO's Modular Chassis System in the other. Magnificent…

Holding the chassis in my hands, it weighs 5.5 lbs. and as you can see, is finished in a Mossy Oak™ camouflage pattern. As I look into the receiver area I notice that this chassis is a do not bed, drop in, bolt down and go shoot system with the center chassis manufactured out of aerospace grade alloy, and the fore-end manufactured out of advanced composites. Adjusting the cheek piece, length of pull, handgrip and angle of the handgrip is easy. Easy may be a relative term, however, in regards to this chassis, all adjustments really are easy.

The cheek piece adjustment is designed with self-loading springs, and contained by a bail wire thumbscrew on the side of the butt stock. You simply rest your cheek on the cheek piece, turn the bail wire thumbscrew and allow the cheek piece to rise up to where you like it, turn the bail wire thumbscrew in, and it's locked in place.


The handgrip is designed so that its location and angle may be customized for you. Simply remove the cover plate at the bottom of the handgrip, loosen the Allen head screw inside the grip, and slide it forwards or backwards, then retighten the Allen head screw. In addition, you can also remove the handgrip and install a "variable angle grip adapter" to angle the grip to your liking. Changing the butt stock is as easy as ringing a door bell… Push the button on the right hand side and it unlocks with ease.




So, is there anything that I don't like about this stock? Ahhh…. You know, not really. The stock is of profound design… There is a detachable five round and ten round magazine available… It's set up for interchangeable parts… Utilizes the MAGPUL™ M1AD Modular Conformable Handgrip… and is made 100% in the U.S.A.

After dropping in the action and setting the action screws to 65 inch pounds and attaching my Night Force Scope, a friend of mine and I zeroed the rifle. It took two rounds to get it on the "X." Round two and three went into the same hole. I then asked my friend if he would like to shoot the fourth and last round. With him on the rifle he took the shot and cut the hole in half at 1:00. Truly, this do not bed, drop in, bolt down and go shoot modular chassis system works.

Ashbury Precision Ordnance Mfg.
a division of Ashbury International Group, Inc.
84 Business Park Circle
Ruckersville, VA 22968
(434) 296-8600

Ward Brien is a US Army Veteran, owner of Sniper Tools Design Co., LLC and the inventor of the "Angle Co-Sine Indicator," which is sold and under contract to different branches of the US military, British military and others. Located in the top of the Colorado Rockies, Ward also instructs a specialized three day Precision Shooting 1 course to hunters and has trained military and other government agencies.

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