Winter 2010-11 coyote video SSG.

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    Thought I would share this little video I put together last night. It's been a very busy winter for me, but the coyotes have been thicker than fleas here. Although I have been out coyote hunting only twice this year I've managed to kill 4. I shot one at 470yd. and the other at 500yd.Then about a month ago the kids came down to the shop and told me they could see a coyote out the window, so I grabbed my good ol' 6X47 and my rangefinder and headed upstairs, well sure enough there was a coyote mousing on a hillside about 460yd. out. I dialed in the range and got set up. I didn't get a very good view of him as the heat escaping from the open window of the house created quite a blurr. I turned the power down on the scope to get a clearer view. I got nice and steady then sent one............boom!...pop!....flop!!! down for good! Then I headed back downstairs to my shop and asked a couple of my kids if they wanted to go retrieve it. They were all excited to go get it, so they grabbed a sled and headed out. I did't even have to step a foot out of the house for that one :)

    Yesterday, again I was working in my shop and the kids came running down and said there is a coyote in the pasture.( So the "Prairie princess" was upstairs watching jackrabbits out the bedroom window with the kids when one of the jacks came running over the hill in the pasture and about a minute later she sees a coyote crest the horizon hot on the jackrabbits trail. He stops on top of the knoll as it is getting near our house.....this is when she send them down to tell me he is there, she grabbed the video camera and proceeded to film the shot.)

    So I get set up through the window and range the coyote at 200yd. I glance at my elevation turret, being excited and in a hurry I saw it at 0, only to find out later that it was actually at 10MOA. I shot and naturally missed by about 20 inches over :)

    I look at my scope and realize my mistake and dial back down to 0 and quickly move to another window in the house. The coyote has now moved out to 500 yd. and is periodically moving further out. I get a range at 530;550;560 I dial for 560 the coyote moves a little further out and stops and I send it bang!.......POP!......Flop!!! Down!

    Yeah I was excited! and the "Prairie Princess" managed to get it all on film...way to go!

    Final range 572yd. ranged after the shot.

    Had a good goose hunting season as well. There is a sunflower field straight west of our house about 500yd. there was lots of feed in there for the geese and the geese were coming off one of the lakes near us that is heated by a power plant to feed everyday. There were literally thousands of geese going over twice a day. I just set the shotgun by the door and depending on the weather conditions they would start coming anywhere between 9Am and 2PM I would wait inside my entryway and when they were right overhead I would step out and shoot. On one occasion I shot one out the front door and it landed by the back porch door( can't get more convenient than that:D)

    Several times I would hike out to a hillside where they frequently patterned over and would hunt there. It would be a half hour to fill my limit on most occasions. There is nothing better than roast goose smothered with thick goose gravy..mmm.mmm!

    The goose hunting picture has me with my oldest daughter.

    The last picture in the video is my 9 yr old son with his first jackrabbit, on his first solo hunt..needless to say I'm pretty proud of him. That was the best tasting jackrabbit I have had! He was using his .22 rim fire Cricket.

    YouTube - 2010 2011 winter hunting
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    Nice Video!

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    Thanks for the video, enjoyed watching it....
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    Livin' the Dream!
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    Great shot! Love that country too.

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    You live in paradise my friend!!!
    Thanks for the video.
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    That was great, wish I could get videos of my hunts.
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    Great video !!!! -- the kids in the back ground noise is cool !!!!