Winter Coyote Hunting Pics 1/17

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    Nov 23, 2010
    Cape Cod Winter of 2017, wow what a season ! ! !
    I have called in doubles before but this was my 1st confirmed double kill and witnessed by a really good friend Mark. Started out with some howls from my super trick Herbs Howler. This howler is sick. Totally looks awesome and sounds even better. Followed that up with some rancid rabbit from a Caver hand call. After a quick wait it hit the fox pro and some " Pup feeding frenzy ". Before I knew it, I had a coyote coming in hard off the island about 120yds out. Before I had even got down to the scope, I could see another one coming hard right behind the first one. " Stay calm and relax " I followed the 1st one in the scope and about 70 yds out he hit the brakes, that was it for him, Boom / Flop. The other one peeled off to the right. I swung over, barked and when he stopped I sent another Hornady 53r Vamx down the line. Another BOOM/ FLOP
    Wrapped up this season with a dozen, my best ever ! ! !

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    I cant help but wonder what coyote meat tastes like.