Update on Defiance Receivers for ELR Cartridges

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    Aug 11, 2009
    Defiance Machine (8 Feb 2012) - info updates per Josh Gleason, National Sales Manager:

    Renegade (408 CheyTac) actions - the plan for 2012 is to build 600 of these actions; only options will be, a) single shot or repeater, b) right or left hand bolt, and c) bolt fluting; hoping for sales to individuals during the first half of the year; OAL is 10.121”.

    Titan (50 BMG) actions - all 2012 production will be distributed exclusively through Proof Research (the “new” Advanced Barrel Systems (ABS)); options same as Renegade; their site incorrectly states that there is a Medium and a Long length, there will only be one length, 11.915” (copy error, not plan change). See below re Proof’s rollout.

    Rebels and Mutants (both supporting up to 338 LM - the 338 LM Mutants being Rebels specifically configured for the Eliseo/CSS RTM long box chassis) - full range of options (within the constraints of the RTM chassis for the Mutants), most options do NOT affect the cost - fluting, recoil lugs, ejectors, scope rails DO affect pricing; lead times expected to be 60-90 days; Rebels account for about 90% of the company’s overall shipment volume.

    DBM designs are still expected within 30-60 days.

    Further questions should be referred to Defiance at (406)756-2727.

    Proof Research (8 Feb 2012) - info per Jeff Badelt, National Sales Director:

    In regards distribution of the Defiance Machine’s Titan (50 BMG) actions - confirmed configuration options noted above; Q1 deliveries will be repeaters, the single shot version coming in Q2; several full builds (rifles) already on the books, shortly expecting initial delivery of actions from Defiance; expects to have sufficient volume to support the sale of individual actions (vs rifles) sometime in the first half of the year; pricing being decided this week; FYI, Defiance is about two miles down the road from Proof.

    Further questions should be referred to Proof at (406)756-9290.