Single or repeating actions

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    Aug 16, 2007
    Opinions please. Looking at a Stiller Predator action for a 338 Edge project. Any pro's or con to using single shot actions for hunting?
    Also what is the recommended barrel length for a packable hunting rifle is this caliber?
    This will be my first custom and would like to make the right decision the first time:D
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    Dec 18, 2006
    Mines a lawton 7500 sigle shot in 270 AM....barrel Lilja 27" .

    It all depends on what you want your custom to be thats why they are customs! Dont be scared of a Single shot! I havent shot twice in so long I dont eject the brass after the shot anymore, you dont lose it that way!. This includes all my repeaters!

    If you do your part with the first shot, it will do its part for you, everytime!

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    Jun 12, 2001
    As far as a single shot versus repeater, for most of us we are not good enough to tell the difference in accuracy between the two and for hunting it seldom comes down to that kind of hair splitting.

    Mostly it depends on your personality and what you are hunting and how you are hunting. For a dedicated long range rifle that will not be used in thick brush and dense cover and against large dangerous animls, there is no disadvantage to the single shot. At distances past 800 yards or so, if you miss the first shot then there is no reason to rack another round in the chamber until you have figured out what went wrong with the first shot and can make a good adjustment.

    For a multiuse rifle then you might want a reapeater although a lot of us hunt with Ruger #1, and other types of single shots even in thick cover. Personally, I find that the thought that there is only going to be one shot somewhat calming even though it sometimes means I will pass on a marginal shot waiting for one that is better and it gets no better and the animals gets away which may have been the best thing anyway if the shot was so marginal that I thought I would need a second shot.

    It is just mostly personality and I happen to like the single shot rifles. So I would suggest that you do as you please unless you are planning on hunting really dangerous animals with a guide where your actions may endanger him.

    That right. Even when I miss, I will just lay there swearing and cussing at myself.
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