Remington 700 SPS Varmint - which caliber?

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  1. Rmitch223

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    Mar 18, 2009
    Im about to purchase this rifle and Im having a hard time choosing the caliber and I wanted to know what you guys opinion was on this. This will be my first bolt gun and it will be solely for hunting coyote and bench shooting from time to time. I currently hunt coyote with a modified Ruger Mini-14 that I shoot fairly well out to 200yrds, but now its time to buy a rifle that I can have more confidence in at all ranges.

    So I narrowed it down to 22-250 or 243, because I already have a .223 and I dont really want to invest in another.

    Ive been leaning towards the .243, but I plan on keeping fur so is that too much for coyotes? Which caliber would you choose in this rifle and why?

    Thanks alot
  2. MontanaRifleman

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    May 21, 2008
    Welcome to LRH :)

    I would say it depends on how far you want to shoot. The farther you want to shoot the bigger the cartridge you want. As far as pelt damage goes, I would recommend a monometal bullet so you dont get tennis ball size holes.

    Have you considered a Sendero? I picked up a used Sendero 25-06 and took it out yesterday to check it's accuracy and velocity. Didn't clean it, just set it up with bi-pod on my portable bench at about 110 yds. I forgot my chair so I spread my feet apart and leaned over and rear supported with my hand on top of a couple of sandbags. Not a real steady plattform. First thre shot after a sighter measured .26. Pulled the fourth for a .45 4 shot group. This is with some factory that came with it and a blurry Tasco scope that was on it as well. I think this rifle is capable of 1's and 2's groups with some load work and better rest and scope. I'll be breaking in the barrel and doing some load development with it over the next couple of days.

    The SPS Varmint shoud be a tack driver too, but just haven't heard much about them. I would say go with the 243 because it will give a little more range and you already have a 223. Shoot the monometals for good pelts. Nosler has a 90 gr E-Tip which will probably have a better BC than a TSX.

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  3. cabelas90

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    Dec 27, 2008
    I would go with a .204 ruger there cheap to handload mine shoots in the .2s and it won't leave a big hole plus you can take down yotes out to 450 yrds with it!
  4. trebark

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    Jan 16, 2008
    Given the choice between 22-250 and 243, I would choose the 243. I would choose it because you can shoot a lot farther with the 243 (1k for coyotes). This is because you can shoot heavier, better BC bullets than the 22-250. Also, in case you ever get the itch to hunt deer, you can use the 243 for that. The advice you've already received on monometal bullets is good advice. They will minimize pelt damage.

    If you want to know what a 243 can do, check out this guys rifle....

    Just to toss in a wrinkle, have you given any consideration to the Rem700SPS Varmint in 308? I have one and use it for varmints and deer. While it does not shoot as flat as the 243, it is an excellent varmint cartridge and if you do get the itch to hunt deer, you can shoot confidently to 600+ with the 308 whereas the 243 would be limited to around 400 on deer. here's the write-up on my 308....
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    Jan 29, 2009
    22-250 or .243? I would go .243. I have had several over the years, and they are great performers. Barrel life will be better as well.