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    Apr 24, 2009
    Hello everyone I want to report on my new rifle.
    I bought in April a Weatherby vanguard II chambered in a 300 win mag. For Fathers day my amazing wife got my a Boyds thumb hole stock to replace the factory stock from weatherby. I immediately sent the rifle to my uncle in Montana to be bedded and to set up my rifle. So after a long wait I received my rifle on wed of this week. I could not wait to see how she shoots. My Uncle sent me a target when he was sighting in my rifle of the three shot group that was shot .
    berger 168.JPG
    So I was excited to shot it. On Thursday after work I headed out to the range to shot my rifle for the first time. The conditions were 95 degrees and the wind was out of the west at 15-25. I was lucky that day because our range runs east and west with the targets facing the east. So the wind was at my back. I set my target out at 300 and was about to shot when I noticed at 400 a 12in circle gong that had been placed out. Curiosity overtook me and I settled in on the gong and squeezed off the first shot. And it was hit. I could not believe that the first squeeze of the trigger was a hit at 400. I thought if was a fluk. Needless to say I ended up that day getting 9 out of 10 hits on the 12in gong. The one that I missed was my fault. I was to excited and forgot to go thru my shooting routine.
    I am so excited for my rifle I have never owned a rifle like this and can't wait to get to the range to confirm again what I shot.
    I will upload a picture of the rifle shortly. And when I go to the range to confirm I will video tape the range session and post it . Thank you for reading

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    Feb 29, 2012
    nice group