help with new .308 set-up

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  1. albertakid

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    Nov 25, 2007
    Okay here is the deal I just picked up a .308 cz-usa 550 that has a 25.5 inch heavy barrel with a single set trigger. I have done the tigger work i can and plan to bed the action and free float the barrel.

    I mounted a nikon monarch 2.5-10 bdc scope on it and I am looking for a good bullet for deer and elk and extended ranges deer-600 and elk -500 probably a 100 less in each case, but plan on practicing those as max distances. I have good success with the smk on elk out of a 7mm, but have heard since that they are not that good for shooting elk and deer.

    I have quite a little bit of shooting experiance out to 750 and have shot some thousand yard matches and have had good luck with the match kings as far as accuracy goes.

    Any thoughts?? Any info on good .308 loads would be appreciated as well as any tips on set-up etc.....

  2. James Jones

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    Jul 1, 2002
    The SMK will work on both of those animals but at the reduced speed you will be talking about at those ranges I would not trust them on Elk. I have shot a small doe at 618yds with a 175gr SMK out of a 308 (factory load) and the bullet performance was decient.

    I don't think that you will find one bullet thats gonna give realy good performance on both animals at long range. I personaly would shoot the 155gr A-max for deer and the 180 Accubond for Elk. The 180 Accubond will definatly kill the deer at those ranges but I would think that it tougher construction and the slow impact speed and smaller body size of deer might not allow it to expand and dump enough energy having it pass through to fast without alot of damage , But I haven't shot any game with this bullet yet so thats just going on what I have been told from guys that have.