Has anybody here used SAVVYSURVIVOR.COM products?

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    Jan 22, 2006
    I'm considering purchasing a new soft case for my .30 Cody Express/.30-416 RAI.

    SAVVY SURVIVOR has a case that *might* be long enough, but I'd like to know if anyone here has ever dealt with them before I fork over almost $300.00 for a rifle case.

    The item in question is called the HAZ-MAT; it's a combination rifle case, shooting mat, and backpack. SAVVYSURVIVOR claims that the case will fit a *fully assembled* Barrett M-82A1 or M-107 rifle *with optics*.

    According to their Website, Barrett Rifles, both semiautomatic .50s are 57 inches long from butt to muzzle.

    My Heavy Bench gun is 58 inches long (however, my rifle doesn't have a bulky muzzle brake like the Barrett, so there may be a little extra "wiggle room", so to speak). It measures 12" heel-to-toe on the butt, 8" wide across the cheekpiece (the widest part of the stock), and approximately 10" deep through the fore-end; that is, from the bottom of the receiver area of the stock to the top of the telescopic sight's windage turret (the one on the top of the 'scope; I'm afraid that I get things misconstrued sometimes).

    Any advice on the matter will be appreciated.



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