wyoming unit 32

Jorvin you need to join Eastman's Hunting Journal. They have a member's section online that you can read up on the better Unit's to hunt in. There'a also Big Game Hunt Forum that has some different info on Antelope hunting. Not to take away from the guy's on here just info from another group of hunter's. I've hunted both 31 and 73. Both unit's had really nice Lope's on it. You will see plenty of Lope's that's not a problem there everywhere.
thanks kevin i just got eastmans magazine for x-mas from the kid's. so i may be a member? got the antelope issue but unit 32 not in there. they only reviewed the blue chip(A) and green chip(B) units (32 is a yellow(C) i'll look into the web sight to see
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For a rookie lookin for a goat 32 is a blue chip dispite what Eastman says. Easy drive from Casper with plenty of motels(West side Motel and Super 8 on CY), easy draw and plenty of public and HMA land to hunt.
Lot of good areas and plenty of goats in Wyoming just depending on how you want to hunt, some are easier draws and some you gotta know or pay someone to hunt.
first timer no points and i really want to go! so 32 is looking good as far as draw odds, public land and hma land. i thinking of putting in for second season
i hunted unit 32 last year.
we stayed in alcova. the motel is okay and the food there was edible, it closes at 9pm tho.
go back north out of alcova towards casper and turn right into the unit. drive about 4 miles and turn left. that'll take you up on top into the muddy mountain area.
go to wyo's web site, and down a permission slip (free), for each person, and each animal.

there were lots of people there and lots of animals.

go early, before sunup, as there were campers all over and on antelope right at legal shooting time.
we filled our 2 doe tags each and went to another unit for 4 more.

this is just a quick reply, if you want more info, send me a pm with your phone number and i'll call you and tell you more.
I hunted walk on areas in 32 several years ago. I stayed in Casper. We didn't go until the second week of season and 80% of the hunters were already done. I shot my buck with a contender after 1 1/2 hours of hunting. Go after the opener if you want to avoid a lot of other hunters. It's also easier to find private land to hunt later too.
go early, before sunup, as there were campers all over and on antelope right at legal shooting time.
we filled our 2 doe tags each and went to another unit for 4 more.

The grouse hunters arrive (or emerge from their trailers) about 8:00 and they spook the antelope or else get in your line of fire. Plus the wind gets up about then. So it is best to arrive in the dark and get things done early.
I used to hunt coyotes alot in area 32. Mostly the southern edge, around the shirley rim, spent alot of time around Chalk Mountain. I always saw tons of antelope there, even saw elk quite a few times. Its further from Casper, but you probably wont see the numbers of hunters that show up on Muddy Mtn. I hunted deer once on Muddy Mtn, couldn't believe the amount of people!! Every spot that I set up to watch/ambush, got overrun with other hunters doing "drives". I probably saw 20 to 1 (hunters to deer), and didn't see any deer that I would even think about shooting. The view from Chalk Mountain is astonishing, especially in the evening.
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