WY-SHOT 2022 Results


Jun 18, 2007
NE Wyoming
We had 22 participants this year, with 20 shooting in the steel match. Some only shot prairie dogs, while the majority shot the steel match, and a little at the prairie dogs. Instead of setting aside Wednesday for being a focus on ELR steel (We now have multiple 1K+ targets in our Day 2 Long Course), we are now focusing on getting folks some 1K+ pd kills, for those who are interested in stretching things out.

WY-SHOT 2022 Overall
Nathan C 93
Mladen S 72
Rory M 69
Dan E 68
Jake G 68
Jeremy P 57
Glenn 56
Dan M 52
Mark K 49
James D 46
Mike P 46
Dusty W 36
Steve H 33
Logan L 33
Johnathon P 31
Bruce R 29
Leo P 27
Heidi 24
AJ J 10 (Day 1 only)
Jeff C 8 (Day 2 only)

Short Course Top Five
Nathan C 59
Mladen S 47
Rory M 41
Mark K 40
Jake G 39

Long Course Top 5
Nathan C 34
Dan E 30
Jake G 29
Rory M 28
Mladen S 25

1000 Yards Plus Prairie Dog Kills (topside)
Jeremy P 1126 yards
Jeff C 1024 yards
We had some definite hits (saw it hit the dog, and blood at the hole), but to deep down to prove it.
Longest confirmed hit
Glenn S 1161 yards

Longest 22lr Prairie Dog Kill
Mark K 153 yards

Longest Straight-Wall Prairie Dog Kill
James D 66 Yards