SOLD/EXPIRED Wtt: Ior scope

Its only light

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Aug 22, 2012
Central MN
Hey guys. I got this ior scope on trade from e member here a couple of months ago. It's an ior 4-16 with a 30mm tube. It's 1st focal plane and has the new mp xtreme reticle and digital illumination. Also has mil turrets with 10mils per turn and 20mils total. And zero stop. I love this thing, glass is great, tracks perfect, and the reticle rocks. However I sometimes find myself looking for a little more magnification. I'm hoping there is someone out there with a similar quality scope in the 20 to 25 power range. I'm interested in the bushnell h2dmr, nightforce nxs, 4th gen ior's, and I'm sure others so if this interests you then tell me what you got. Pm or email me at [email protected]. Also can email pics if you give me your email.
To the top. Would also be willing to trade for a little less expensive scope with money on your end if its the right scope