SOLD/EXPIRED WTT 300wsm lilja


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Jan 24, 2010
I bought this rifle used a couple of years ago(howa1500) and had it rebarreled with a 26" 1-10" twist lilja barrel. The stock is the factory thumbhole sporter , glass bedded. I also have a synthitic boyds stock i'll throw in. The rifle comes with everything pictured except the scope and i also have dies about 60 pieces of brass. It loves barnes 168 grain and 180 smk's. I bought it because i had planned on using it for a deer rifle but find it hard to put down the bow. So i have been using it for coyotes and quickly found out that .30 cals are a bit much. looking for somthing smaller for coyote and prarie dogs. Maybe 6mm or .25 calibers. Just looking for somthing accurate. Also could somone fill me in on the procedure to trade legally. I have bought guns online but never sold/traded. Do i just need to ship to a FFL? email: [email protected]

Yes, you can trade it as long as it is sent to an FFL and you receive your trade through your FFL dealer.

I would request a copy of the FFL (signed in red or blue ink) from the person you are sending it to. As they should request the same from you.

Some states require a limited background check on all guns to make sure the person receiving it is legal to posses a firearm.

Protect yourself....


PS: I have always wanted a Howa, but have nothing to trade you...Oh well...Good luck!
I don't know what your looking for in a trade but I have a 220 swift that was built in the Remington custom shop it will shoot 52grain bullets and 75G Amax's as well. It has a 1-8 twist barrell that has an improved neck tolerance. No neck turning reguired but just tighter than sammi specks. I took it prairy dog hunting in 2006 and made 3 kills back to back at 720 yards. < 220 swift 75G amax picture by killahog - Photobucket 220 swift picture by killahog - Photobucket
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Have a 6mmx284 built on a savage action with an ultimate sniper stock. PM me if you want are interested.