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SOLD/EXPIRED WTT .224" 77 Gn. Sierra Match Kings (100 ct.)


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Dec 18, 2009
Bullets already traded WTT .224" 77 Gn. Sierra Match Kings (100 ct.)

*Done deal*I would like to trade 100 count, .224" 77 gn. Sierra Match King bullets for a comparable style and quantity of 55 gn. .224" diameter bullet. I would prefer Sierra BlitzKings or Hornady V-Max. I cannot shoot 77 gn, bullets accurately out of my gun. Please note that Sierra recommends that these be used in a firearm with 1 in 7" or 8" rifling only.
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I'll trade you 55 grain blitzkings. or nosler balistic tips 55 grain.
The blitzkings are from a bulk pack and will not be in a sierra box, the ballistic tips are in a 100 count nosler box.
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Tim, I have traded these already, but I may want to purchase your bullets if they are still for sale. If you need any FMJs in bulk, I may still have some in 55gn. PM me if you are interested.