SOLD/EXPIRED WTS Zeiss Z-Point Red Dot Scope

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    Feb 20, 2013
    $350 shipped, OBO

    I purchased this to put on my bow but wound-up staying with fiber optics. It is new in an opened box. I have all the original box, manual, screws, and even an unopened lens cleaner.

    These units new with Lotutec Coating (this is the non-Lotutec version) sell for $599.99. The item number is 521698-9901.

    The Z-Point reflex sight offers not only state-of-the-art optical and electronic systems, but also a host of exclusive features:

    Hybrid power supply = battery + solar cell. By daylight, the solar cell supplies power to the light-emitting diode, saving the battery and prolonging its life.

    Basic brightness of the illuminated dot can be individually set and stored, and adjusts automatically to the surrounding light conditions.

    Illuminated dot switches off automatically after 3 hours.
    Illuminated dot remains equally bright even when viewed at an angle, due to new, patented optical arrangement.

    Elevation and windage adjustment with centered illuminated dot - stays in the center of the ray path after sighting-in.

    Specifications for Z-Point Reflex Zeiss Sights 521698:

    Magnification: 1x
    Field of view: 56.4 ft (at 100 yds with Eexit Pupil Relief 1.97")
    18,8m (at 100 m with Exit Pupil Relief of 50 mm)
    Dot size: 3.6in at 100yds
    100mm at 100m
    Parallax-free at: 109.36 yds
    Min. quadr. adjustment range: 4.2 ft (at 100yds) 1,4m (at 100 m)
    Transmission in the range 400 nm - 1000 nm: 78%
    Power supply: solar cell +3 V CR 2032
    Height: 1.75" (44,5mm)
    Width: 1.42" (36mm)
    Length: 2.5" (63,5mm)
    Weight: 3.53 oz. (ac.100g)

    PM me with any interest or questions.