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Oct 18, 2009
I've got a stainless TC Encore set up. It's a 209x50 muzzle loader with black synthetic stocks and a 7-08 stainless 15" pistol barrel with laminated wood grips. The muzzle loader has a silver leupold base and open sights. The pistol has a weaver base and silver rings (not sure on the brand). Both shoot very well.

The frame is in great shape and has a great trigger.

The muzzle loader barrel is an older one and shows some TC stainless handling marks, happens easily with TC stainless, to include typical frame marks The block where the frame attaches to the barrel shows some darkening of the metal. It must be made of different metal that the stainless that the barrel made from. Not rust, just different. I shoot Hornady SST lock and load saboted rounds and get around 1.5 inch 100 yard groups with two pyrodex pellets. The bore is bright and shiny and the breech plug comes out easily as it should and has always been properly greased upon installation.. It has an ez tip extractor for easy removal of the breech plug.

The pistol barrel is in great shape with only the slightest handling marks and frame marks that TC barrels always have. I don't have the open sites for the barrel, but the holes on the front are plugged with screws.

I've only shot it with 140 gr. interlock Hornady bullets and it's been around 1.5 to 2 inch accuracy at 100, with a 4x scope. Not too bad and probley more attributed to my shooting skills than the barrel..!

The scope is a Leupold FXIII 4x in silver. It is a current production and not very old, just a few months.

I'll sell the package for $1100 or trade for something equal value...! I'd rather not break it all up, but will if it works out that way. A package deal or trade gets first consideration.

I get my values as posted:

Frame $250
Barrels $200 each
Laminated grips $100 (3 piece set pistol grip, rifle forend and pistol forend)
Leupold Scope $350
Bases, rings, black synthetic stocks $ thrown in on package deal.....!

Anyone that knows me on here knows that the Remington 700's and Leupold scopes are my weakness. Still looking for the right Rem. 700 6mm rifle...!! What do you have??? I'm open to offers and will consider all trades....






I am interested in your pistol grips if you still have them. How do I get in touch with you?
I'll let you know if things start splitting up. Won't sell the grips without first selling frame and pistol barrel..
Muzzle loader set up is sold. Scope no longer available. I created a new ad for the rest..!

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