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SOLD/EXPIRED wts/wtt 7mm rem mag winchester supreme silvertip

ranger mac

Oct 11, 2009
I have for sale or trade: 1 box of Winchester Supreme Silvertips in 7mm rem mag. An excellent hunting round. I sold the rifle and couldn't find these after the move.
"The solid base boat tail design and special jacket contours of Winchester Supreme Ballistic Silvertip ammunition deliver excellent long-range accuracy with reduced cross-wind drift. The Lubalox coated Ballistic Silvertip bullet is designed to deliver rapid expansion and fragmentation in varmint-size game calibers and controlled expansion and penetration over long ranges in deer-size game calibers. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases."


Midway was the cheapest I found them at $39.99 a box. I would like to trade for some 168gr black hills match 308 ammo, burris xtr scope rings (or similar), egw 20 MOA scope base for 700 sa (or similar) and will entertain other offers.
I will sell them for $30 plus shipping or best offer.