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Sep 30, 2012
I purchased this new and I have used it two times on a range to range distances. It has been sitting in a safe the rest of the time. It does not have any scratches or nicks and is functionally new. Asking $725 shipped (add 3.15% for PayPal). It comes with original box, paperwork, and case.

Website Description : Optronic instruments - SWAROVSKI OPTIK - Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, Rifle Scopes, Hunting, Birdwatching, Travel & Leisure, Digiscoping
SWAROVSKI OPTIK products bring you closer to nature.
In some situations – such as extreme darkness – very special capabilities are required.
With SWAROVSKI OPTIK, nothing gets in the way of experiencing nature to the full.
For all our products, we offer an outstanding selection of high-quality and extremely functional accessories for all situations.
Thus the impressive SWAROVSKI OPTIK Laser Guide 8x30 is able to offer unparalleled precision.

Monocular laser range finder with perfect image quality due to our patented binocular expertise. Unique technology for accurate measurement even in poor weather conditions and over large distances.
The SWAROVSKI OPTIK Laser Guide 8x30 combines the high quality standard of SWAROVSKI OPTIK binoculars with the latest laser range-finding technology.

Other Description: Swarovski Laser Guide 8x30 Laser Range Finder 70002 FREE SHIPPING Laser Rangefinders 8 x 30 Rangefinder 1500
The Swarovski Laser Guide 8x30 Laser Range Finder combines the highest quality standards of Swarovski SLC binoculars withimage the latest Swarovski laser range-measuring technologies, packaged together in a comfortable, compact, lightweight water-proof . The result is unparalleled performance in terms of image quality and accuracy - even in poor weather and light conditions, as well as at long ranges. The result is that you have absolute certainty that you always aim at the right target. Swarovski 8x30 Laser Guide rangefinder is a revolutionary new waterproof laser range finder that combines the best features of a Swarovski binoculars and one of the most accurate (± 1 yd.) laser range finder up to the maximum distance of 1500 yards.