SOLD/EXPIRED WTS Remington 5R 308 Win in Mpls Mn

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    Jun 21, 2012
    lightbulb :) lightbulb :) lightbulb :)

    WTS NIB Remington 5R mil specs 308 win 24"barrel
    Only thing I added was a 20 moa picatinny rail and will come with rifle.I displayed this on couple of shows.I'll try to look if there is a possible bump only factory fired.
    Asking $1200.00 + cost to ship to your FFL.
    Everybody what 5R looks like I guess.

    Will consider trade on;
    Savage 110 FCP in 338 lapua. +/- depending on what you have.
    Kimber Super carry II or HD, s/s Raptor
    Ed Brown carry,etc.

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