WTS Remington 1100 12ga with HASTINGS 34" Wadlock Barrel

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    Jun 18, 2017
    Selling a Remington 1100 12ga..2-3/4" chamber with a 34" Hastings Wadlock barrel. Comes with 7 choke tubes, 2 Hastings FULL, 1 Hastings IC, 1 Hastings X-F, 1 Remington FULL STEEL OR LEAD, 1 Remington MOD, and one unknown marked IC. Barrel has removable fiber optics rifle sights. Gun has a B square saddle to use optics. I do not have the original trigger pins but they are super easy to get. Its an older L prefix from the 1970s. No cracks and minor dings from use. A clean assembly to hunting with for sure.

    I will offer this two ways.

    1st you can buy it ALL for $750 shipped/insured
    OR you can buy the BARREL and the CHOKES for $395, and the GUN/MOUNT without barrel for $395 shipped

    Cross listed

    PM me any questions or offers.