SOLD/EXPIRED WTS, Leupold Tactical Black Ring 3.5x10 Scope

Jack Gardner

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Oct 26, 2005
Excellent condition, not mint new in the box Leupold Tactical Black Ring 3.5x10 Scope.
The scope was bought new by my son who used it very little maybe 3 or 4 times than he went in to the Army.
The scope was than put in the safe and there it stayed.
The scope has the high turrets, and a deuplex reticle.
The tube size is 1inch and the Objective end is 40mm.
The glass is as clear as you would exspect from Leupold.
There is one very tiny nic that I found while taking pics hardly noticable.
I can E-mail pics to who may be interested.
$375.00 shipped for those who may not know Leupold has a life time warranty.
Please E-mail to.
[email protected]

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