SOLD/EXPIRED WTS Kestrel 4000 NV /w BlueTooth


Well-Known Member
Sep 22, 2009
South Dakota
As the title says.

I've got a bran new Kestrel 4000NV with Blue Tooth in TAN that's never been used. Never even had the batteries in it. Only took it out of the box for some pics.

Shipped with a tracking number for $310 CONUS.
It's offered here and each day unsold it's going to get listed on another forum, so if anyone is interested...spread the word.

If you run a ballistic program from an Android phone (not an iPhone)...the BT model is a very nice feature.
If you use an's BlueTooth is not set up to handle outside BlueTooth connections, so it's a bit of a moot feature for you guys.

Android users...chime in!



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