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SOLD/EXPIRED WTS Custom 300 Blackout AR


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Feb 9, 2012
I have a custom 300 Blackout AR15 for sale that has a stainless 16 inch barrel with flash hider threaded 5/8x24 for a suppressor. It has a quad rail with rail covers and a bi pod stud. It has a AG43 ergo grip with magpul B.A.D lever for easy manipulation of the bolt. It comes with a centerpoint red/green dot site that is nothing special but it works. The site sits on Burris half inch risers.

Rifle comes with almost 600 pieces of brass that is already primed and ready to load. Brass is 223 brass that has been converted to 300 blackout. I do have a few subsonic rounds load with 230 grain bergers and 225 grain hornady BTHP bullets. I have a few bergers left in the box and probably 70 hornady's left. I will include 40 220 grain nosler partitions as well. Lower is palmetto arms.

Asking $950 shipped for the whole package to get it sold quick as I have over $1200 invested.

Trades possible just let me know what you have


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what kind of accuracy were you getting with it? any interest in new CZ 550 American in 9.3x62
I never shot it for accuracy but the bullets go where you point it. I am not really interested in the CZ but thanks.
Would you be interrested in a Ruger Frontier Scout in 308?
Right now has a Nikon Prosaff 3x9 on it.
Very nice condition.

Thanks for the offer but that is not what I am looking for. If you have anything else please let me know. Take care
Would you be interested in a rem 700LTR 308
I have details and pics if interested
I would be interested in 6.5-06, 338 edge, high end optics, Cooper rifle, let me know what you have and we'll see if we can't make a deal.
I have shot this rifle. With a can on it you can't even here it. All you hear is the bullet flying through the air. I know he is in need of a nice spotting scope or even a high end rifle scope with at least 20 power.