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Oct 10, 2009
Dayton, Wyoming
AR-15 .223 rifle with a High Standard lower and unknown maker A2 upper. The rest of the parts are factory Colt parts. The busttstock is A1 with a cleaning kit under the trap, A2 round handguards, A1 forward assist, A1 flash suppressor and the barrel is a Colt 1x12 twist 20 inch barrel cut back to 16.1 inches. Comes with a green military silent sling. The upper and lower do not wiggle and the rifle functions flawlessly. I will sell for $1050, which includes shipping to your FFL.


Trades?? Have Glocks, and nice 1885 HB scoped 45-70 rifle..Thanks, ElDee

Sorry disregard is an A2..
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Thanks for asking, it is new made by Uberti, have pics if you are interested and send me a email address, I love the rifle just too dang heavy for me (I'm 62). Shoots like a dream..wish I had a buffalo...ElDeegun)
Sorry but guess I'm a little slow, are you telling me your AR is still availible or are you asking if the Uberti 45-70 is availible?? old age..thanks, ElDee:)
Sorry for the confusion on the 1885. I left town for two weeks and just returned, so I gave it a bump because several others asked about the rifle but I said I would have to wait till I got back. The 1885 I am looking for would be the original Winchester model. Thanks.