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SOLD/EXPIRED WTB: TAC Force 62" Stryker Drag System

Anyone have any leads on a good used on or new? Best deal I've found is from Optics Planet with free shipping. Any other ideas?

What are you guys using for your 30" + brake barreled cannons?


What are you guys using for your 30" + brake barreled cannons?


I make my own. Carry/Haul/Drag bag, shooting mat combined. Not as classy as the commerical jobs but useful and functional.

If I'm hiking to the shooting spot AND DON't expect to see anything to shot at that the XD-9 won't handle the big ckunker goes into the back pack butt first, having been hauled to the trail head in the DIY carry case/drag bag. The bag then rolls as a bed roll/shooting mat on the bottom or side of the pack.

If I expect a shot of some sort, as when I can observe the opposite hill side while hiking, I've done a DIY bipod carry system that works quite well, at least for me.

Besides that I'm a cheap sucker.:rolleyes:

By the time ya get your first custom on a Remmy action and get hooked and order the next one with the Bat, barrel, NF and other stuff, who wants to spend $265.00 on a drag bag made for military use instead of LRH and that turns out to have no use when you get to the shooting spot?

Just what I do.:rolleyes:
Thanks, Roy. I was just able, with ss7mm's help, to figure out the length that Kirby's 3-port slim brake adds to a barrel and since it is quite short (shorter than I thought), I realized that the 52" Stryker Drag System will work for me.

I'm planning on using this essentially as a soft gun case only that'll hold a spotting scope, rangefinder, etc--it'll bascially hold gear for a practice session up in the hills on or near the road. For hunting, I'm a big fan of the Kifaru Long Hunter Hauler with the Gunbearer--very happy with that.

It's for the 338AX with 30" barrel with BAT HRPIC action that Kirby is getting very close to assembling. The 52" is cheap enough that it's not worth trying to make one, although I do a fair amount of sewing ( http://www.longrangehunting.com/forums/f61/tents-backpacking-26738/ ) learned a number of years ago when I was smokejumping.

Went ahead and ordered it (digital desert camo) from Third Generation Shooting Supply. Sure have had good, quick service from those guys.

Haven't heard much from lerch and his compatriots lately. Did they take up short range shooting or something?? :rolleyes:
You're gonna be lovin' that AX.

I wonder what Kirby's schedules. He as all the parts and pieces for a 375 AM that I am eagerly anticipating. As soon as I get the word I'll head up there and pick it up.

Good shootin'