SOLD/EXPIRED WTB Remington Model 7 Stainless in 7mm-08


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Jan 13, 2014
Looking for a very specific gun, Remington Model 7 Stainless in 7mm-08 (.308 considered) Remington discontinued these a few years ago. Looking for one in excellent condition. Will pay shipping to my FFL here in NC. Thanks and happy shooting.
Found a different gun that ended up fitting her even better. We just bought a Kimber Montana stainless in .308 with a little Kahles 3x9 scope. Will surely start with some reduced loads but just could not resist after handling it. What a nice little rig!

Looks like the rifle search is over.
Excellent choice, my wife has a Kimber montana .308...hers has a muzzle brake.

Great rifle.
Your gal will love it.
Got a chance to shoot the new Kimber this weekend. Did some research and it is the earlier 2 position safety model of the Montana but new and unfired. I loaded up a couple different hand loads but had an error resizing cases so I just shot the good old fashioned 150gr factory Remington core-locs.
It is grouping about 1.5" off a not so good rest. I am sure half of that spread was my inability to old a consistent aim point.
My wife shot 5 rounds too. Handled the recoil just fine. I think we got a great gun. The Kahles 3x9 42mm scope is unbelievably clear. At least as clear as my Zeiss scopes.