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SOLD/EXPIRED WTB long range prefer 223,204,22-250


Feb 22, 2010
I am interested in a long range small caliber varmit rifle.

I am new to coyote hunting but not new to hunting and rifles.

I am interested in a rifle that can produce 300 yard shots with confidence.

I have reloading equipment but don't have time to build what I am looking for.

reply to me email please

[email protected]
I have a tikka T3 223 with a 1:8 from factory I was thinking about letting go(already spoken for) to help fund a different build. Blued wood are only around $629 new. You might want to take a look at them they are priced reasonable with a fair trigger and seem to shoot well. I only have 25-40 rounds through mine. Bought it for my wife and daughter who seem not to have any interest.

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