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Joel russo has one for sale.

Kevin Cram has two I know he had them for sale before I'm sure he would still sell them.

All three are very fine pieces
I think that Joel sold his. Joels was a little more than I wanted to pay. If Joel's is still available, I would be interested.
Mine is sold pending payment, and I have one in line if that deal falls through.

Like Judd said, Kevin Cramm has one for sale and it's priced a bit less if I remember correctly.
I tried to talk my friend into buying that one, but he wanted to build his own..
Kevin moved his shop and house so I'm not sure if his contact info online is correct.

His new shop number is 570-437-2010.

I do not think he has internet up and running at his new place yet. Call and leave a message he will get back to ya. Or PM me your phone number and I'll relay the info to him to call ya back.
I have a custom build that is a trued 700 long action repeater with a Hart barrel and McMillan A5 stock. It has a tight neck, so turning is required It is a very good shooter with 140 A-MAX bullet. It has around 250 rounds through it. I will have to look to see which trigger it has. $1900 plus shipping. I can get pictures tomorrow if you are interested. Ken
I have a 6.5-284 Rem. 700 action, 27in kreiger barrel with Vias muzzle brake, Shilen competition trigger, McMillian competition flat bottom stock, Smithed by Al Suarez. Redding competition dies, Lots of Lapua brass and several hundred 139 grain Lapua Scenar bullets. Rifle has 90 rounds through it. Everything you need to shoot 1000 yard light gun class or hunt out to 1200 yards. Just add a scope. $1200. If interested email me at [email protected] since I only get on this site once in a while.

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