SOLD/EXPIRED Wtb 257 wby brass


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Jun 29, 2013
sw pa
Looking for 1 time fired or new, 257 weatherby brass. I have 250 savage and 225 Winchester brass to trade.
I have a friend that has brand new PMC 257 Weatherby brass, he will sell for $1.50 each plus postage, he is in Park City Utah if you live near there or he can ship.

I have had 6 of these Roy's, and the PMC brass is much better than Weatherby brass, and we shoot very small groups in our custom rifles that we build.

Let me know if I can be of further help, and I will give you his email address. Dave built a custom 257 Weatherby with a long heavy barrel, and it shoots bug holes. At his age, it is too heavy for him, and he is recovering from Prostate cancer. He will be glad to talk to you over the phone.

Keith Candler in SC
Keith, I'm resizing the brass to 240 wby.i can't find 240 brass.does he happen to have 240 brass?
Oh heck no! This would prove to be beyond excellent brass for you, I am sure. I shoot the 100g at 3850 fps and primer pockets hold up, just fine!

I use a set of form dies made by a guy over on Accurate shooter, and they are wonderful to say the least, Paul Bike is his name. You could do most of the neck down with those dies, then go to your full length sizer. I am sure you have a system down pat!

Keith Candler in SC
Keith, my guy does the same for me.he resized some 300 wby to 6.5x300 wby and they shot so good he bought the gun off
Keith can u get me his address.ill take40 off him to sight it in.let me know total cost an I'll get a pmo to him.ernie Hayes 206 chaintown Rd Dawson pa.15428.
I should have realized that the 240 is not a mag bolt face, sorry about that!

I am re-forming '06 cases from the new Lake City Match and Lapua into a lot of wild cats with some amazing results.

I usually fire form with bullseye and cream of wheat, but I think that the bullseye is only necessary. I use a headspace gauge in the shell holder of the RCBS rock Chucker, back off 1/4 turn on the die, and do a final headspace with the full length sizer. In the late 60's, we would order 55gallon drums of once fired '06 brass and make every thing from 243 Win to 270 out of them, with a number of cartridges in between, retail was $3 loaded with Sierra bullets.

I can not remember if the 270 had a belt on the case or not.

Tu but for what they want 3.07 a piece, I found loaded ammo for the same price.