WOW! New IOR scope arrived Today

Jeff In TX

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Aug 10, 2003
McKinney TX
The Big Brown truck just delivered my new IOR Valdada fixed 10 tactical scope with the MP-8 reticle this morning. This scope has an all steel tube and construction and looks and feels Fantastic.

I set my tactcial rifle up in the back yard that has my Leupold 6.5-20X50 mm tactical scope on it and put the new IOR scope next to it and started to compare. The clairity and brightness on the new scope when compared to the leupold is night and day. The leuy is not even in the same class with it. It a very gray chilly day here in TX and no matter what power I have the leuy on, the IOR is brighter and clearer. The image is extremely sharp and clear all the way out to the edges. The leuy isn't as sharp and clear on the outside edges. I then compared it to my fix 10X leuy Mark 4 scope which cost me about $500.00 more than the IOR. Same results.

I should be picking up my new AR15 in the next week or so and can't wait to mount the scope and go shoot'n.

Folks for a gray ugly day out, I'm all
If you love the IOR so much better than Leupold, be glad to take the Leupold off your hand CHEAP since it's not as good as the IOR anyway, right?

Sorry, not made of money and didn't get off the boat yesterday. All of my leuy's are on working rifles. All new rifles will wear IOR's.

I'm not saying leuys arn't great scope, because they are. But once you compare the optical quality of the IOR to a leuy, you'll see the difference right away. Plus they cost less than a leuy. For my money moving forward, I'll stay with IORs.

Try an IOR, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Have a great weekend.
Keep us up to date on your future IOR trials.

How do you like that steel tube? Being that the old Weaver T-10's are outdated I am tempted to get an IOR with a steel tube, can you hammer nails in a 2x4 with it? Toss it across the room a few times without losing zero? In your opinion would it be considered Marine proof?

I wouldn't be driving any kinda nails or throwing it around the room with my new scope, metal tube or not. The Unertl 10X scope the marine corp uses is a half inch shorter than my IOR and weighs in almost a pound heavier 35 ounces vs 22 ounces for the IOR 10X with a steel tube. The Unertl scope is a bit more stout and is made grunt proof to a degree. But if you want to spend $2500.00 for a 10X Unertl scope (civilian price), it outa be tough.

By the way I did watch a marine corp sniper instructor drive a nail into a 1" peice of plywood, remount the scope and shoot for group. We were all pretty amazed that scope is built that tough.

Again, I like my leuy's, but right now feel I'm getting more for my money and much better optics with IOR.

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Oh come on, it seems to be a standard test that has been conducted on several web sites hosting scope reviews.

Me, about the worst case scenario is if the rifle/scope falls 3ft to the ground.
Well if it helps at all I fell down in some rocks and half knocked the illuminator knob off my 2.5-10x42 and it still held zero. It also made a trip to Africa and was right on. Took 8 different animals any where from 50 yards to 450 yards.

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