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SOLD/EXPIRED Winchester M70 Classic Featherweight 7mm WSM


Nov 6, 2009
Hi guys, it was suggested to me by another member that I post my GB auction in here.

Winchester M 70 Classic Featherweight 7mm WSM -98% : Bolt Action at GunBroker.com

I have upgraded the bottom metal from the Winchester cheapy alum. trigger guard to a Williams steel unit (great stuff!), and I put in a Rifle Basix trigger - the stock one was unable to be adjusted safely to an acceptable weight. The new trigger is at 2.5# and safe at that weight, with hardly any overtravel and no creep at all, a great drop in trigger and I highly recommend them. I have Talley Lever-QD Scope rings and bases for it, for $50. I would keep the Talleys, they are that good - but my .25-06 is a long action and the scope tube is too short to accommodate, so here they are, for a lot less than I paid... This setup has only about 60 rounds through it - 7mm WSM is just not my thing, and I'm switching to .25-06. I was shooting 1" to 1.5" at 100 yards after breaking in the barrel, so I know the gun will shoot. The iron sights were factory added at FN.

Cheers and thanks for looking. I've done several transactions on here so far and I think everyone's been satisfied with the quality and prices of my stuff - so here goes!