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SOLD/EXPIRED Winchester 70 416 Rem. Mag. **SOLD**


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Jun 4, 2011
For sale is a Winchester Model 70 Classic Super Express in 416 Rem. it has been fitted with a muzzle break. It has Warne bases mounted on it as well. It has been 100% reliable in the hot African weather. Perfect for dangerous game. This gun has been hunted with so there are some blemishes here and there, although they are very hard to find. I included a picture of the worst one which is by the barrel mounted sling swivel attachment. The rest are to small to show up on camera.

I'm asking $935.00 for the gun shipped to your FFL in the lower 48. I will include all of the "reloading components" for free. All you have to do is pay for the shipping of them. I will not ship them with the gun.

A quick inventory of the components is: 51 pcs of NEW nickel plated brass, 45 pcs of NEW "brass" brass, some 300gr X bullets, 325gr X bullets, 400gr X bullets, 350gr solids, and 400 gr solids. Also included is the Hornday sizer and seater dies, as well as the Lee Factory Crimp die.

Feel free to contact me for any questions.


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Re: Winchester 70 416 Rem. Mag.

After a little review, I feel like the price may be a bit high. I'm dropping the price of the gun to $850.00 shipped.
Re: Winchester 70 416 Rem. Mag.

i saw your 416 for sale might be interested going over to africa next yr.is it still avalable? my ph is 231 642 7001 im in michigan.thanks
Re: Winchester 70 416 Rem. Mag.

Yes, it's still available. PM Sent
SPF. Let me know if you were interested. I'll let you know if the deal doesn't go through.