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SOLD/EXPIRED Win. mod. 70 Stealth 308


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Feb 5, 2005
exact center of Pa
I bought this gun new in 1994. It is an original Stealth not the Stealth II. It is a proven 3 shot, .5 moa gun out to 500yds. I've killed praire dogs with it at 1300yds with a NF 12-42. It has an HS Prescion stock, al. bedding block, 26" bbl., and I believe they are steel Warne, weaver style bases, the trigger has been worked and I believe it is at 2lbs or a little less. I bore scoped it and the barrel looks **** near new. I can give you the load that I shot with it. I believe with some benchrest style reloading it would shoot better but I didn't know how to do that then. I have not shot the rifle in about 4 years and then it was just to shoot long range dogs in South Dakota. The only reason for selling is I want to build a custom bench gun in 308 and it hasn't had a scope on it since it came back from S.D.. 700 plus shipping money order or certified check only. I can sends pics to your email. Any questions email me @ [email protected] or call me @ 814-404-5435.