Where can I hunt bears like this?


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Dec 15, 2001
Just wondering where to hunt bears like this and how much it would cost?

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How big do you figure those bears are? 8 1/2 foot or so????

Friend of mine went to Russia (Kamchatka Peninsula) a while back and said the bears were pretty thick. I watched the video and there were indeed lots of bears, most in the 7 1/2 ft range but some larger models too. Price was a bit less than an Alaskan hunt.
I watched a vidio of some guys hunting them in Kamchatka in the winter on Alpine snomachines with dogs, these bears were ALL +10' squared and BIGGER that they killed. That's a cool pic! A friend of mine Bob has his mounted like that in his living room, "Vaulted" cielings only. His is 10'3"sq.

Those all look like 11+ footers, that's 11 squared.
It's cheaper than Kodiak for a non-res and so is Africa for that matter, not sure how much though. You should have seen the helicopter those boys flew over there in!
You wouldn't catch me dead in that old thing! I think it had some serious TIME on her! Kinda resembled, well... flying JUNK!

They were probably commited so they just closed their eyes and prayed!! Did I mention the old Alpine snomachines too? Yes they had to change an engine in the field on one of them too!
No prob, got a spare in the sled
, but we'll SWAP pistons first and try that! Oops not going to work, just be a minute and the other engine will be in... Off we go!
What a hoot that vidio was, I was laughin my *** off...
I'm thinking these are probably 10 ft plus bears (squared).


I figure the man is 5'8" (68")... the bear is just under 1.5 times the man's height (about 5 inches short) so 68 + 29 = 97 , plus the length of the bear's head, give 24" more, 97 + 24 = 121".

I guess the point is, they're probably shooters.
Dave if those bears are probably shooters. I'ld hate to be on a hunting trip with you,when you find a definite shooter. That you wanted to keep.

When I first opened this tread I thought those were groundhogs
but after a second glance I saw they were just bears...

Reminded me of a hunt I took a fella on once... I believe the scale is about correct, just that the positions are sort of reversed.


Met this fella (hope I have his name correct) at a rifle shoot, he'd never been hunting in the U.S. He's an Italian living in Germany. We managed to get him a ground hog and a few crop damage deer...very nice guy.

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