what mini daypack made in USA


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Apr 13, 2011
Find myself doing the tourist 2-3 hour trail walks and looking for a mini/sling/fanny pack.
Durable yet lightweight and low profile.
Contents something along the lines of:
couple water bottles
couple power bars
lightweight rain jacket/poncho
minimalist first aid kit
bear spray
kinda looking at some of the sling packs marketed towards fly fisherman....
much prefer something made in USA
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Kifaru is 1 of the very few made 100% in US. Others say they are but fabric, etc, is made over seas and assembled in US. They are spendy but will last a lifetime. I have a half dozen of em, Frames and no frames.
Fhf makes a butt pack. Made in usa

There's also mystery ranches gunfighter series. The gunfighter 14 to me is "mini." Same with the ASAP.
You get the USA price with it too.

Also a lesser known one for Fanny packs:

I have the Hill People Gear Tarahumara (and a Ute, and an Umlindi, both bigger packs)- The Tarahumara is a great little pack for day tripping, and I use it for an EDC pack. Holds (2) 1quart nalgenes, a rain jacket, a down jacket, some snacks, and a small first aid kit with room to spare. Whichever pack I am using I pair it with one of their Kit Bags (a chest pack) which holds a pistol, spare mag, map, compass, headlamp, my phone, a flask of whiskey, a couple of cigars, lighter, some bumwipe, chapstick, etc and room for more goodies.